Egality Law was set up with simple objectives in mind: to use creativity, innovation and commercial sense to meet our clients’ objectives, and do so with a keen focus on high quality service delivery.

We aim to gain an understanding of our clients' precise needs, and to help to meet them. Where there are challenges, our aim is to provide clear advice to enable our clients to negotiate those challenges effectively.

Our founding principles are guided by many years of working with leading UK and international law firms, as well as in-house with multinational institutions. We aim to act with integrity, speed, and an eye for detail, to deliver effective legal advice for our clients.

Corporate and Commercial

We are well-equipped to deal with all aspects of commercial law as well as the regulatory and compliance requirements of a business. We have advised businesses on their ownership structures, investment models and contracting. We have particular expertise in advising on governance issues, including enabling businesses to operate effectively while complying with international anti-bribery and other compliance obligations.

Where businesses are engaging in new market entry, we can provide due diligence, business registration and localisation assistance to mitigate the wide array of legal risks that may be associated with a new market.

Areas of expertise include:
Business commencement and registration
Contract drafting and negotiation
Regulatory advice
Intellectual property
Employment, including restructuring, redeployment and redundancy
Crisis management

Dispute Resolution

Disputes can often be severely debilitating for businesses and individuals alike. Our aim is to keep our clients out of court, where possible. If we can find a pragmatic solution to a problem or a focused and efficient way to resolve a dispute without our clients having to engage in years of litigation, we will explore it diligently and creatively. This includes representing clients in mediation and arbitration, on which we have substantial experience. Where litigation is necessary, we will aim to pursue it in a focused and efficient way, using our many years of advocacy experience.

Cross-border Issues

We are adept at finding effective legal solutions for corporate entities and individuals with legal issues that cross involve more than one jurisdiction. We have extensive experience of enforcement of an arbitral awards or foreign judgments, as well as dealing with conflict of laws in the context of contract negotiations or investments. We are also familiar with issues concerning the protection or enforcement of intellectual property rights in multiple jurisdictions.

Media and Human Rights

We advise broadcasters, publishers and journalists as well as corporate entities and individuals on the full range of media law and freedom of expression related issues.
We have extensive experience in privacy, data protection and information law, and particularly on the right to information.
We take particular interest in advising on human rights and public interest issues, including exploring opportunities for public interest litigation.

Pro Bono Work

We advise a number of human rights and free speech organisations on a pro bono basis. We also support organisations working in the prevention of environmental degradation, anti-corruption, recycling and the circular economy. We consider pro bono projects on a case by case basis. Contact us for further information.

We are retained counsel in Ghana for Farmerline, a fast-growing technology company in the agricultural sector advising on a range of corporate and commercial legal issues.

Acting for Affinity Africa, a builder of digital financial institutions setting up as a first of their type in Ghana, reviewing their overall international group structure, regulatory issues and obtaining advice from several jurisdictions as part of their multinational setup.

Advising on the demerger and restructuring of a sanitation company assisting poor communities across Ghana.

Advising on a major multinational agricultural exporter on a range of commercially sensitive issues, including assessing their options for seeking law reform in their sector.

Acting for a major international NGO, we advised on the multimillion-dollar transfer of assets of a donor-funded £10M project moving from one international NGO to another. We advised under English and Ghanaian law.

Egality Law is committed to client service of the highest standards. Our clients deserve the utmost efficiency of service from a modern first rate law firm. This charter is based on a number of charters developed by Bar associations around the world. We welcome your feedback on how it might be improved.

Independence and Honesty

We will give independent, honest and accurate advice. This means we will not tell you what you want to hear, but we commit to providing advice that is legally sound and focused on your objectives. We aim to identify and fully understand the legal problem and your wider objectives. We will strive to ensure our advice and work is grounded in solving the legal problem, and meeting your wider objectives. We will think creatively, proactively and intelligently about legal problems, and offer innovative solutions in line with our clients’ objectives. Where we cannot meet your objectives, we will advise you of that, and our views on what best can be achieved in the circumstances.

A lawyer’s first duty is as an officer of the Court. We will uphold our duty to be honest and truthful to the court, our clients and third parties. We will also seek to comply with the applicable laws in any given circumstances, and while we will challenge the law fearlessly for our clients, we will not condone deliberate flouting of the law.
Egality Law has a zero tolerance to the giving or soliciting of bribes or other forms of corruption, at any time. We will neither do so ourselves nor condone any giving or receiving of bribes by anyone associated with a matter in which we are instructed.

Our approach at the firm

We aim to achieve the following at our firm:
We will be punctual – we will generally avoid you waiting in excess of 10 minutes for a pre-scheduled meeting.
We will maintain confidentiality and discretion. We will not discuss client business in any public setting.
We will keep files out of the view of visiting clients.
We will give you our undivided attention – putting other calls and distractions on hold until after the meeting.
If it is unavoidable that we have to deal with something else, we will keep it brief and avoid unnecessary delay.

Accessibility and responsiveness

You can have mobile phone numbers, skype and direct e-mail contact for our lawyers.
When out of the office, we will carry smartphones with remote access to email. If away for longer periods, we will set up out of office notifications.
We will answer our phones when you call us. When this is not possible, we will send you a text message to indicate when we will be able to speak to you.

We aim to respond to client communications within 24 hours, and preferably sooner.

We prefer to communicate by email, rather than by hard copy letter or fax. This is better for the environment and keeps our costs down, which in turn saves our clients money. If a client has a complaint, please let the lawyer working on the matter, our Principal, or our Practice Manager know. We will investigate and address the issue promptly, and let you know how the problem has been fixed.

Our work – procedures, costs and delivery

We will manage client expectations through clear client intake and cost estimating procedures.
We will communicate clearly and ahead of time regarding fees, costs, team members, deadlines, risks and outcomes.
We will discuss a proposed action with a client before we incur any fees.
We will read all documents clients or their counterparts send us. If there is a substantial body of material you send us that we do not consider to be relevant, we will inform you that we are not going to review it.
We will meet or work in advance of our deadlines, or let our clients know in advance if we cannot. This also applies to court deadlines.
Our bills will be clear, correct and prompt; they will be a format that meets the client’s needs.
We will review the first bill with the client and resolve any questions promptly.
At the end of any engagement, we will send a survey to find out how we can improve our service, and make changes based on what we are told by our clients.

Our expectations of our clients:

It is also essential for clients to help us to help them. We have the following basic expectations of our clients:
Attend meetings on time, or let us know if you are delayed. Overrunning meetings impact on our other work, which may inconvenience other clients.
Provide us with comprehensive information to enable us to advise and represent you. We must have all the relevant facts – both those that appear to support the client’s position, and those that appear not to. The more we know, the better we are placed to deal with problems.
Let us know of any specific deadlines you are working to, or particular time pressures, so that we can ensure we set our own deadlines accordingly.
Almost everyone expects us to work to short deadlines. The sooner we are instructed and have the necessary information, the sooner we can provide our work.
We appreciate our clients may be under financial pressure. We will always aim to provide cost-effective quotes for our work. We encourage our clients to be open about their budget for our work, so that we can have a clear early discussion about whether or not our work is affordable for our clients.
We will not work for clients who seek to corruptly or fraudulently influence matters on which we are working

Please contact us via email:

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Egality Law Ghana is regulated by the Ghana Bar Association.